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Redmoon is working in partnership with St. Patrick’s High School in the Portage Park neighborhood. In a nine week in-school residency with the fine arts students. Redmoon is leading a curriculum of collaborative art making, environment design, original music, and performance . The result will be a series of site installations, performance, and music for St. Patrick’s 150th Gala Event. Components of the artwork will be featured at the Youth Spectacle.


Redmoon led an eight-week arts integration residency at Franklin Fine Arts Center in the Old Town Neighborhood.  Working with two third grade teachers and the theater instructor Redmoon led a unit called My Geometry in Chicago: Mapping Perspectives that integrated geometry, theater, and shadow techniques.

What it will look like…

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The event is being built through Redmoon residencies in five school and social service locations with over 750 students participating in the project. The event itself will have a visual art exhibition meets a naturalists collection as experienced through live theater. The youth created collection of curiosities magnifies everyday wonders of the Chicago urban ecosystem as experienced by young people living in our city. These renderings show what the student artwork might look like at the event.

Illustrations by Zach Perrault.